Recover space under the roofline: three ways to make a small space special

The space under the roofline is a space in the home that is not usually taken advantage of. But if we were to tell you that with a simple space saving recovery, you could create a special environment to utilize for different purposes?

Recovering under the roofline space: what the law says

With an eye on combating the consumption of new land, the government and the (Italian) regions have expressed themselves several times in favor of the re-use of buildings and attics with the issue of specific laws (for example the regional house plans for the expansion of already existing buildings).

In particular, all initiatives aimed at renovating attic space for residential purposes aim at the redevelopment and residential use of otherwise abandoned spaces, making the best use of the already urbanized soil.

To date, all Italian regions have ad hoc regulations and a practice for the recovery of the attic, but these can differ depending on the urban parameters such as the date of construction, minimum and average heights , the aero-illuminating ratios and the possibility of making changes to the shape of the roof itself.

Height regulations vary significantly by region: in Piedmont, for example, the average height of the living spaces must be 2.40 meters and 2.20 m for accessory and service rooms with minimums of 1.60 m. and 1.40 m. depending on the intended use of the room. Sicily has minimum height of 1.50 m. and an average of 2.00 meters regardless of the room’s intended use. Tuscan minimum permitted height is 1.50 meters with averages running 2.30 meters. Finally, in Veneto all rooms have a minimum height restriction of 1.80 meters and an average of 2.40 m.

At the end of the day, it’s prudent to check with local regulations concerning maximum and minimum height restrictions before starting residential restructuring, to be informed of changes in local concessions.norms and

Three ways to transform the space under the roofline into something special

Whether you want to add an extra bedroom, create storage space or set up a laundry room, here are three suggestions for a functional, beautiful space you’ll love using.

1. Emphasize the light with white

Attic spaces frequently are dark, creating an oppressive feel. By using white paint on the walls, you will emphasize the luminosity while giving the sensation of more ample space.

2. Use light colored wood to add warmpth

Clear shades of wood are very neutral, but at the same time transmit a sense of warmpth in the space they occupy. Use it to add value to the space by creating an intimate, welcoming environment.

3. Take advantage of all of the space (rationally)

In attic living space, it’s fundamental to know how to best use the space without taking up walking space. Furnishings must be along the walls, taking advantage of all of the available height, following the roofline.

The best solution in these cases is the use of custom made wall enclosures that allow you flexibility with high estetic impact.

Are you ready to recover the space under your roof line?

If you have badly used attic space, now is the time to think about making the most of it. RasoParete is your expert in flush wall enclosures, and yes, we do trapezoids! We can help you create a special living space. Write us for a personalized quote.

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