Do you need to enclose some systems in the ceiling? Discover your new secret weapon

Ceiling hatch door created by RasoParete

Offer your clients custome made ceiling hatch doors. They’re invisible, simple to instal, light weight, stain resistent and customizable.

With RasoParete you can:

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Do you need to enclose some systems in the ceiling? Discover your new secret weapon

Ceiling hatch door created by RasoParete

Offer your clients custome made ceiling hatch doors. They’re invisible, simple to instal, light weight, stain resistent and customizable.

With RasoParete you can:

With RasoParete, you can quickly enclose your electrical implants rendering them invisible but easily accessable.

Enclosing electrical systems means modifying an environment making it more attractive and functional

The main objectives when enclosing something in the celing is trifold: resolve problems involving leaking water, air circulation and flatness of the inspection hatch, facilitating the manutation of the system.

Hatch doors made from drywall do not resolve these problems and in fact create others over time. 

Water leaks

discoloration and swelling

Hatch doors have a tendency of warping

Not having a solid structure, the hatches bend over time, creating imperfections.

Cracking around the frame

Cracking near the frame is a typical problem if the profile used is insufficiently rigid.

These problems leave clients insatisfied and, overa short period of time
require a technitian to come in person to make adjustments adding additional time and expense.

We are very aware of these challenges and, having been in this business for over 10 years, we have pattented a series of profiles, systems and enclosures to offer you the very best flush wall systems in the world. 

Using hatch doors to enclose ceiling systems for better living.

How many times have you asked yourself how to enclose an electrical system while maintaining easy access?

And how many times have you required unexpected follow-up service after a short period of time because cracks were forming around the drywall or perhaps the hatch door that worked perfectly in the past no longer does? 

In the last 15 yearswe have developed and pattented a series of solutions that permit you to professionally, quickly and securily resolve these issues helping you live better in your daily work.

If you are a drywall or electrical system professional, you’re going to love RasoParete:get in touch now to download your free catalog.

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Architects from all over the world contact us thanks to our minimalist design made in Italy, but RasoParete is much more: its function is to solve problems.

Andrea Pucci - Managing Director

What they're saying about us

customer experiences


Andrea Righi

Company name: Tierre infissi Srl Fixture reseller

My doubts before working with RasoParete were the inevitable difficulties that consist with changing to a new vendor:human contact, our ability to comprehend a new system, your level of customer service and dedication.

I watched your company from a distance for quite a while before making the leap.

We are very satisfied. You are always available on the telephone, any follow-up is clear and quick and we’ve never had a problem with the product.

What we appreciated in particular was your readiness to help us resolve a problem that was due to our own inexperience and handled quickly and efficiently although it happened in the month of July when other local vendors would have been closed.


Andrea Menconi

Company name: Soluzione d'interni

My biggest fear has always been using a product that would react badly with the existing structure and distatch from the mounting or crack.

I started to change my opinion about your company when I saw your stand at the trade show in Milan where I discovered the entire series of flush wall products that could be used as design elements and really distinguished themselves in comparion with the other offerings.

Since that day, I have started considering your agency not as an alternative to the invisible, but rather a company that is blazing its own trail in comparison to others.

We have been really impressed by your products and their flexability. The first thing we did was to redo my office using your products in order to show the potential of the concept to all of the other people who work at the agency.
We are grateful for the flexibility and availability of all of your staff.


Fabio Gerbi

Company name: EdilAosta Srl-Bigmat Construction supply reseller

My initial doubts were concerning the relatively high price points of certain products and the difficulty of accurately quoting our project due to an almost infinite range of various possiblities. (

Despite these doubts, we decided to work with you and we are completely satisfied thanks to your beautiful showroom as well as the excellent customer service offered to your clients and project designers

What I appreciated most was the vast selection with an almost limitless possibility for customization together with the friendliness and availability of your staff from the quoting stages to the technical explanations.

The quality and prescision of your products have always been appreciated by those who have used them. (It doesn’t happen very often that clients come back to us after having purchased with us just to give us compliments.) 


Romina Revelat
Construction supply reseller

We had doubts because your prices are higher than average and the pure size of your catalog intimidated us in not being confident of which products to choose for our clients

After having worked with you, we have to confess that we are satisfied.

We have found you to be sincere, expedient in order processing, innovative solutions and high quality product.

We especially appreciate the exceptional photos in the catalog: it did the job in winning over Mrs. Maria to RasoParete’s advantages! 


In 1956 Saoro Pucci started his path toward entrepreneurship as a young carpenter. His curiosity, dedication and passion for the work lead him to open his own business where carpentry is integrated into a bigger scheme to satisfy the needs of a gerater client base.into a more ample scope of satisfying both client and project designers needs.

As the company began to grow, so did its specialization as a supplier to furniture resellers and building contractors. At this stage of the business, Saoro Pucci-president of Pucci Saoro srl-welcomes his sons to the business. Andrea joins him as the sales manager and Lucabecomes the product manager and both sons contributing to research and development. With a strong business mentality background based on technilogical innovation the Pucci family accepts a new challange in 2004 launching both Sistemi RasoParete and Amplia. Both businesses have immediate successand bear the fruit of years of practical experience.

In 2006 the first pattents are applied for with the intention of supplying its clients original, custom-made solutions.

Today the RasoParete is a recognized brand located in Limite Sull’Arno with a market offering of disapearing systems of rare excellence, felxibility and completeness for project designers and resellers. RasoParete is a precious tool at the enterprizing business person’s disposal with the prestige of a one of a kind Made In Italy artisanship.