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Systems Designed to Withstand Time

Accommodation facilities such as hotels are subject to the constant bustle of thousands of people a year. The systems of the rooms and common areas require frequent, rapid and minimally invasive inspections and maintenance. In most cases, however, these technical compartments are closed with small plasterboard hatches or with plastic and sheet metal caps, systems that at the first opening bend, make cracks and end up ruining the finish of our environment.

Are plasterboard hatches, plastic caps and sheet metal poor products? No! They are simply designed to be opened and closed in extraordinary cases, not frequently, unlike RasoParete systems. With our solutions you can access the technical rooms as many times as you want without the slightest damage or problem. Furthermore, thanks to our aluminum stratification, you can forget about condensation stains and molds and efficiently close any environment, including outdoor spaces and bathroom areas.

Often the lack of these finishes leads to reviews such as: «Friendly and helpful staff, great breakfast, shame about the room in poor condition. Rating: 2/5 ». Maybe with some photos of damaged hatches or bent caps that do not close well and that make the environment you keep with a lot of effort clean and well cared for as a shabby and neglected closet. Choosing RasoParete systems will allow you to have customized and completely concealed solutions but at the same time easily accessible for maintenance.

RasoParete systems allow you to perform frequent inspections and maintenance
without damaging the finish of your environment, preserving it over time.



Systems Designed To Facilitate Access To Plants

Normal implant plugs arise from the need to close a compartment in a non-permanent way with something simple, making it accessible if necessary. The classic hatches, on the other hand, are created to open an otherwise closed ceiling or false ceiling, making it occasionally inspectable.

The RasoParete systems were created to allow quick, safe and functional access to any type of system, be it wall or ceiling, for as many times as desired. How is it possible?

Made to measure

Instead of offering you standard sizes to adapt to your needs, we produce a customized product with precision to the tenth of a millimeter, following your needs.

First choice accessories

Each solution has its needs: thanks to a careful use of accessories, it is possible to obtain a fluid opening even for the largest dimensions, without compromising its duration.

Tubular aluminum frame

Thanks to a firm and sturdy perimeter frame, not only is it possible to increase the resistance of the product itself, but also the structure on which it is placed.

High performance materials

Our products reach up to 4x2m on a single leaf, withstand sudden changes in temperature and extreme humidity thanks to the use of materials characterized by high strength and incredible lightness.


Systems Designed To Meet The Needs Of The Construction Site

Handmade solutions are very expensive and require continuous adaptations and corrections, even directly on site. Times and costs that you often cannot afford to have.

Our systems are created for the quick and functional installation of systems of any type or size, be it wall or ceiling. To do this, we pre-assemble all the systems in the company, so as to be sure to ship a complete and functioning system, we also use quick release hinges that allow the doors to be disassembled and reassembled in a few seconds.

Installing a pre-assembled system allows you to obtain the best possible installation, while being able to remove the panel prevents someone from damaging it during the continuation of the work.

RasoParete systems can be coated with:


Systems Designed For Any Style

The style you have laboriously given to your spaces is what makes your accommodation unique and special. The design of your environment conditions your customers and represents for you the best business card for them.

We know how difficult it is to maintain the finish of your spaces, especially after years of construction, when you are forced to find uncomfortable compromises to achieve a result that will satisfy you 100%.

Take advantage of the extreme customization capacity of our products, cover them with heavy materials, with any type of paint and decoration or with all sorts of wallpaper. Renew and keep your spaces updated without compromising on style.

Drag the slider, and discover the effect of a RasoWall opening

Architects from all over the world contact us for our minimal made in Italy design, but RasoParete is much more: its function is to solve problems

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