Drywall hatch door alternatives: function and design with RasoParete

Drywall hatchdoors are fundamental in every home and office because they allow for inspection of internal compartments anywhere behind the wall’s surface holding hydraulic or electrical panals.

They are also known as “inspection panels” and serve as functional structures to satisfy the most disparate needs.

For example, whenever there may be a problem with the hydraulic or electrical systems be it at home or in the office, the hatchdoors alloweasy access to the panels to identify the problem without major disruption to the wall. In short, it’s enough to open the hatch door to correctly inspect the panel in question.

Inspection panels present a problem. Although they are functional, they are extremely unpleasant visually. How can we solve this problem?

Alternatives to drywall hatchdoors with RasoParete

Our attics are full of cables, circuit panals, gauges, etc and none of it easy access for inspection or eventual repairs or modifications.

Custom doors by RasoParete is the simplest, most functional and good-looking alternative to drywall options.

Drywall doors are frequently conspicuously visable and lead to an imbalance of harmony (not to mention the unsightlyness) everywhere they are found. They are easily damaged by condensation created behind the wall. In these cases, they swell, making the doors difficult to open and close properly. This ofaentimes leaves the owner with the last resort of opening the wall with all of its relative complications.

RasoParete hatches, on the other hand, are a new concept option that allows you to access the systems in the ceiling easily, without sacrificing elegance and design.

What we have here are functional solutions that make a space well organized and cared for. They offer ample flexibility in both dimention and type. They can be modified to meet any type of need and can be utilized both in and outdoors.

In this last example, it’s important to note that the space in question must be covered, but the installation of flush wall enclosures will permit for the creation of plesant harmony with the entire space surrounding it without interfearing in the estetic of the over all style.

These enclosures can be structured with just one door or in various combinations: everything depends on what they will be enclosing.

Would you like more information about RasoParete hatch doors?

For years, our motto has been,”plan your cutomized system, we’ll enclose it”. Our company’s mission is to make spaces that are harmonious with their surroundings without compromising the functionality.

This is why, over the years we’ve come up with numerous types of different enclosures for varrying needs.

If you’d like to know more about RasoParete, don’t hesitate to write to us for a free personalized quote.

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