Flushwall doors: why it’s the right choice for your home

When planning for new construction or rennovation of an existing space, we want to maximize every bit of available space.

Every detail should be designed to be noninvasive, exhaulting the architecture while at the same time adding value and functionality to the space.

Flushwall doors by RasoParete have a minimilist style and are designed to camaflouge into its surrounding. Dividing a space with these doors is made simple by way of the versatility of finishing options: they can be painted to match the wall, laqured in opaque or shiny, wall papered, or with ready to use or custom designs in porcelain stoneware, marble, terracotta and kerlite.

Even in the smallest spaces, the precision of passing from one space to another discreetly and noninvasively as it would be with the classic door and it’s frame in full sight.

How the idea of the flushwall door came to be and its characteristics

Invisible flushwall doors get their name from the fact that they have the ability to become one with the wall, camouflouging itself in color and applied material to perfetly match its surroundings.

This functional, esthetic choice hides a wealth of structural and functional technology, Many people ask themselves how the doors are installed and will they last?

RasoParete has studied a range of disapearing doors to meet your needs. Let’s take a look at some of its characteristics:

The door frame

The defining characteristics of a flushwall door made by RasoParete is the use of an alluminum frame with the following criteria:

The dimensions of the frame are studied to fully cover the hinge with nothing visible externally. In this way, the finishing that is applied to the door is not also applied to the hinge. If this were not the case and the hinge were to be varnished, those varned hinges would be the culprit for the unsightly cracks that would no dount appear on the walls.
One profile that can be installed indifferently in drywall or brickwork. The advantage is obvious in situations where you have to install a door where one side is drywall and the other side is brickwork.
A support surface of 13 mm perimeter on both sides (the side facing the wall and the inside) where the plaster or the drywall panel becomes a structural node between the wall and the jamb.
The side of the panel that comes into contact with the drywall is rough, allowing for a better adhesion of the coating materials.

All these precautions allow you to avoid the formation of cracks with the passage of time and use of the system.

Problems with external hinges:

Problem: when drywall panel is too thin. Market solution:

RasoParete’s solution:

The alluminum jamb is made telescopically with a depth of 60mm or 100mm and can be prefectly matched to the thickness of the wall. This is the ideal solution for bathrooms where one side of the panel is in ceramic or in the case of a rennovation where the walls have varying thickness from room to room.

We are able to save the builder significant time laying the door because we make them here in the factory with alluminium jambs with a thickness that matches the wall where it will be installed.

Door panel

A panel with a thickness ranging from 52-60mm is made in a honeycomb in this way: the upper and lateral perimeter is solid toulipier andthe lower part is made of finger joint spruce, which thanks to a particular processing ensures greater compactness, stability and mechanical resistance.

The honeycomb is inserted to fill the panel frame and to close a calibrated raw MDF cover on both sides. For heights over 2300 mm the panel is designed internally with two additional toulipier uprights reinforced with an aluminum tubular bar to ensure the planarity of the door.

This way of working easily permits for doors reaching upto 3 meters-all height doors can frequently surpass the standardized measurements of 2.7mt.

Typology of openings and flushwall accessories

Disapearing doors are made in a push/pull combination, both swing and pivot, with one or two doors. They are available in trapezoid shape, suitable for the basement or attic. A magnetic lock with adjustable recessed hinges on three axes is mounted on standard sized doors.

In the pull version, RasoParete has designed a door that opens without the use of a handle. Thanks to the use of a lock with an electric strike that is unlocked by remote control or switch. The opening movement is the work of small pistons inside the jamb that push the panel after being released from the strike.

It’s possibile to customize the door with infinite accessories.

For example, the push version of the door can be made invisibile by a flush-mounted handle system that opens by pressing- making it possible to open the panel with a roller lock in combination.

What’s more, you may choose from different types of systems from om electric latch bolt to the pawl locks, making it possible to open the panel with a roller lock in combination.

pivots made with one or two doors allow the separation of the rooms so that the doors individually reach a maximum width of 1600 mm up to 3000 mm in height, lending the appearance of real walls.

If you’re in the market for a flushwall door, please contact our technical department. We are at your disposal to solve your needs concerning space and functionality.

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