RasoParete Fantasmino Closure

Infinite use possibilities

The RasoParete Fantasmino system is made with an aluminium jamb and wooden or stratified aluminium doors. With this system we can access any compartment using multiple types of opening and combining different types of door with hinged opening, vasistas, tilting, folding two, three and four doors of your choice.

Fantasmino can be used indifferently in indoor or outdoor environments, both on the wall and in the ceiling, without limits of size or shape (excluding curved shapes) using push-pull opening systems with pushing hinges, retractable handles or any handle we find on the market.
We guarantee flexibility in shapes, types and sizes, and our mission is to fully understand the customers’ needs in order to create suitable solutions for results that are in line with their expectations

To achieve these results,, we have designed different types of doors that can be cladded with wallpaper, mirrors, porcelain stoneware and marble, assembled on profiles for drywalls or masonry to overcome the problems of the site.

foto di rasoparete fantasmino
foto di rasoparete fantasmino rasoparete

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Personalised solutions

The Fantasmino, in the version with combined system, can become a walk-in wardrobe of an attic with openings with folding or hinged doors, it can be a mirror because the doors can be cladded with mirrors, wallpaper, plaster, porcelain stoneware, it can become a container, (cupboards, pantries, drawer units, wall units) or with the hang-up system, a storage room using a rack system that allows you to anchor custom-made shelves to the frame structure and position them as you like, or become an inspection hatch in the ceiling.

With the Fantasmino, hiding a laundry room housing a purification system next to a wardrobe in the wall, creating a staircase with folding doors or wall units with one, two, three, ten or more doors all with different openings will always be possible, without foregoing a clean, elegant and minimalist and above all functional image.

Our aim is to satisfy all the customers’ needs, proposing personalised solutions, designed according to all your needs.

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