Outdoor wall closures

Aesthetics and functionality

RasoParete offers you a system of closures made with jambs, doors and containers in aluminium to equip and live many sheltered outdoor spaces that can be finished and painted like your building and thus disappear from view.

Thanks to this system you can mount boilers and other systems on the outside, which otherwise would occupy the living space, hiding them from view in a uniform wall by painting them with coatings, plaster or other materials.

The opening systems are the most varied from swing and tilting, vasistas, folding sliding with two to four doors like the infinite combinations both in height and width, to offer a complete range for all requirements.

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Resistant materials

The special stratified aluminium door is patented and tested to guarantee resistance both in humid environments and with temperature changes from -30° to +60°. Being lightweight also means it is possible to create a single door up to 4 metres high and 1.5 metres wide.

It is possible to realize custom made outdoor wardrobes, laundries, storage rooms, shoe cupboards and many other containment solutions or coverings of systems in an elegant way, avoiding having to make your terrace or porch become an “open storeroom”.

The comfort of a space where you can put many things, which can be used and then stored if necessary, thus freeing up space that can be used in a different way. This has always been our goal: to offer multifunctionality to the space.

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