How to take advantage of the space under the stairs: three fabulous ideas to recuperate space.

When living in a multi-floor home, the essential question is always the same: how to maximize the space under the stairs?

Design and efficiency: four ideas how to take advantage of the space under the stairs

The space under tha stairs can be used for different purposes including more options than the classic storage closet.

Between design and beauty, we’ve got plenty of inspiration to improve the internal look of your under the stairs space.

1. Open library

You’ll find books in any house, be it classic or contemporary. These objects along side your cds and other objects aremeant to be displayed. The closed volume under the stairs can be opened to create a cultural nook that perfectly compliments its surroundings.

Rigiorously designed built-in bookshelving for home library in either minimalist style of extravagantly colorful:These ideas will allow you to take advantage of the space under the stairs to create a small, functional living space in all of its essense.

2. Additional space for your kitchen

If the staircase is facing the kitchen, it can be utilized as a fantastic pantry! This is an ideal occasion to improve small kitchens with little storage space available.

Adding shelving elements within the space allows for storing everything from dried and canned goods to tableware-anything you may need when you’re working at the oven.

In this case, we advise a flushwall enclosure. You’ll be able to avoid annoying dust accumulation while simultaneously creating an elegant, functional space.

3. Integrating the livingroom

The space under the stairs, if completely hollowed out, may be used to enhance your livingroom. How about inserting a tv stand, hang some high-impact canvas, create a nook for showing off your collections or, if you’re a music lover, why not create a music room? A vintage record player and a collection of disks and you’re ready to go! It’s an idea that allows past and present to blend together in perfect synergy.

Other useful ideas for the space under the stairs

If you’re looking for more ideas of how to best use the space under the stairs? Take a look at these ideas: 

Create a cozy corner with a gas fireplace to keep you company on those long winter nights;
create a coffee/tea cornor with all the necessary elements to entertain your guests;
create a closet with a disapearing flush-wall door to keep your outterware, shoes and bags.

Lastly, space permitting and in the correct setting, why not consider using the space under the stairs as an office space for working from home or just as an outlet when you need it.

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