How to create custom spaces in your home

Our concept of the home has changed significantly over the years. Finding the right solutions for the spaces in the home has become more difficult because of industrial products which, although satisfied some market needs, came with limits. Being mass produced and standard in size unable to be customized and therefore leaving unusable empty spaces around the house.

The majority of Italians today consider their home an extention of their personality and search for a welcoming, comfortable environment. It’s a priority that the home satisfy these needs for comfort and efficiency, creating multi-functional spaces without limits.

How to divide environments in the home

The modern home has modern necessities but unfortunately planning for these spaces which are ever diminishing in size has brought about a new need to redistribute the living space.

When you find yourself planning for your new house you have to keep in mind the differing needs and functionality of the house which will work in combination with one another to adapt to domestic life.

To optimize every last cetimeterof space, customized solutionsable to respond to every need are called for. These solutions will maximize available space. The modern home cannot be conceived as a space where its inhabitant adjusts to the space. The space must be perfectly tailored to meet the resident’s needs.

Internal furnishings: space solutions

As previously mentioned, available space and its furnishings must be flexible in their function over the course of a day in order to perfectly adapt to the different phases of the family’s domestic cycle.

A modern living space must be adaptable, multifunctional and flexibile, thanks in part to invisible solutions that expertly maximize internal and external spaces, masking compartments or cornors holding everything needed , without renouncing the ethestic and maintaining a minimalist linear design.

With a potentially unlimited range of disapearing solutions, all rigorously tailor made, RasoParete is able to make the space adapt itself to you, not the contrary.

We can create enclosures for walls or the ceiling, doors or hatchdoors, even in crystal and glass that integrate perfectly with its surroundings, allowing for the intelligent planning of a space. Take for example the idea of creating a custom wardrobe with its drawers and shelves, space for a washing machine or having the ability to enclose a water purifier.

The “custom made” approach with RasoParete leaves nothing to chance. From function to design, hidden details give added value to a range of versatile, flexible and personalizable choices, even last minute options, att he request of the builder.

All restoration projects do not always employ standard measurements. This is no longer a dilema because you’ll be able to effictively recuperate all of the space in your home with efficient, versatile and invisible solutions.

Are you among the many with unused space in the home that isn’t being maximized? Tell us about your project, we’ll advise you which RasoParete solution will be your best ally.

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