How to employ space saving furnishings

Today, new construction has made way for restructurig and remodeling. More and more people are in fact deciding to revaluate their current spaces to meet their needs. Small spaces where it’s necessary to organize life’s daily needs. The world of furnishings is in a continual state of improvement with an eye on the esthetic without paying equal attention to functionality. This is evident in cities where building prices are higher. Many find themselves having to furnish spaces that no loner include a dedicated place for washer and drier or a storage closet that simplify modern life.

SO, are we forced to give up these comforts? Must we abandon our hobbies because we no longer have a dedicated spot to store what our hobby requires? No, we’ve got the answer right infront of us! We are surrounded by “dead” spaces all around our home. Spaces that, with a touch of creativity can be the difference between a functional space or not. How so? How about installing a RasoParete space saving system above your bathtub, in a cornor, under the stairs or roofline. You can even utilize the space between two support columns!

What is a RasoParete space saver?

RasoParete Space savers have a fundamental defining characteristic which is to offer abundantinternal storage space with minimum visual impact avoiding the feeling of overwhelming a small space making it feel cramped. This simplicity is provided with great technical know-how. Alluminum frames specificaaly made to be installed on wither brickwork or drywall. Pre-finished panals in MDF specifically designed to minimize the openings-wheather being installed on a smooth drywall or a rough wall with different finishing.

COMBIBOX 6 hinged doors Combination between a cabinet with 2 swing doors and only 2 closures with 2 swing doors

Space saving furnishings: multifunctional pieces that make space for your imagination!

Who ever said that minimal eaquals boring? It couldn’t be further from the truth! With space saving solutions from RasoParete, you can let your imagination run wild creating innumerable options. Every solution is unique: no one else’s will be quite like yours.

Modern architecture has shifted attention from furniture as an object to surface finishes to embellish empty spaces making it possible to customize and give a unique atmosphere to an otherwise aseptic space.

What better furning choice then, than one that can be finished to match its surroundings to not draw attention to itself but leave the spotlight for what you choose to make it.

Typologies of openings and accessories for RasoParete space saving furniture

Almost 60 years of experience in the world of furnishing has helped us understand that every need must be satisfied differently. The answer must always be a carefully considered reply to a specific question.

That’s why you’ll have a hard time finding two identical RasoParete space saving solutions.

“To be successful, you need personalized solutions that have the correct openings (
48/5000 (swing, book sliding, vasistas, flap) accessories (disapearing handles, internal finishings etc) and functionality (ventilated panals, able to be finished to match the surrounding style) and the ability to cherry pick the different elements to best suit your needs.”

When one takes on a restructuring project, it’s a well-known fact that money is carefully invested in two specific rooms to add-value to the home: the kitchen and the bathroom. There are numerous opportunities in both of these spaces to create refined, exclusive and esthetically pleasing value-adding furnishing. We’ve seen the pull of designer sinks, elegant countertops and unique mirrors. Don’t cheapen the value of these investments by overlooking the result of not having given the same careful consideration to storage. The eye is dertacted by the display of the products we use daily.

RasoParete’s sapce saving solutions can also be personalized internally with removable and adjustable shelvingoptions able to best serve the needs of the entire family.

This solution is a great option for those who can’t dedicate an entire room to laundry but don’t want these appliances to be on full display in the heart of the bathroom. In this situation, the cabinet can be divided according to how it will be used.

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