How to take advantage of attic space: a new space for living in your house

Ideas for efficiently and effictively using the attic

Using attic space means adding precious square meters to the livable space in your home in addition to creating an added space to live freely in the comfort of your home.

In a historic moment in time where the available square meter space available in apartments has been reduced to the bone, having attic space at your disposition is a game changer. This part of the house can be used for a variety of purposes. Grantedthe space meets local height minimums, hygenic sanitary conditions and light and air flow, this space can even be transformed into an extention of the living space.

Taking advantageof atticspace: some ideas to inspire you

Guest room, relaxation space or customized closets for attic spaces are three great ideas to whet your appetite. In reality, there are many ways to recuperate lost space under the roofline including closed wall systems to create impactful small spaces with a strong design impact. Let’s take a look at a few.

1. The guest room

Every house could use an extra room, perhaps to dedicate to guests or for personal use in other circumstances.

An attic bedroom is a good idea for creating additional space to relax without distraction. It can be used in the day time as a study or work space profitting nicely from the natural light that surely will be coming in from the rooftop window.

Attic spaces do not have consistent wall heights. In this type of situation, custom flush wall closets are a nice choice for keeping seldomly used objects or for creating a welcome storage space for your guests.

One bed, two night stands, a coffee table and custom made flush-wall closets and you’re ready to go.

2. The walkin closet

Everyone’s dream, when buying a home, is having extra space to be used as a walk-in closet.

We are talking about a larger amount of space where one might try on different outfits and store them in an orderly fashion.

It is possibile to create a system of enclosures that follows the roofline, maxing out the available space and, whenever a window is present, to take advantage of the natural light to illuminate the space.

3. A room dedicated to relaxing

When traditional attic is not part of the construction plans but high celings are, consider adding a loft for open moments of respite.

Built-in display cases for storing candles, cds and other objects to set the mood, a futon or couch, a rug to add personality and you’ve created the perfect getaway from life’s hectic times.

More ways to use the space under the roofline

This space may also be employed for creating an additional bathroom, (proper air circulation and minimum height restrictions apply) a sauna or the creation of a hobby cornor.

Other ideas for maximizing space under the roofline include using that space as a closer for coats, shoes and bags or for mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies. Need a space to keep your ironing board? It’s all possibile with the efficient use of flush-wall enclosures that permit you to make the space work for you with the added befefit of strong esthetic impact.

It’s certainly not easy for a designer to work with trapeziods. He risks adding elements that disrupt the harmony of the overall look.

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