How to best furnish unhabitable space under the roofline

Furnishing an uninhabitable space under the roofline to transform it into a little jewel for your family is possibile thanks to some little tricks.

Ever more frequently, especially in new construction apartments or small dimention spaces, one tries to maximize all walkable space, but also all of the available height to fully enjoy the room’s resources.

On the upper floors of a condominium, it’s natural to want to take advantage of the space under the roofline, even if it’s uninhabitable transforming it from a little used space to a plus for the family.

There are dozens of options for an uninhabitable space under the roofline and among the many, the most versitale is surely to add a livingroom. A space where you can relax in the evenings or weekends for a high quality livability.

But how can one furnish an uninhabitable space under the roofline?

Solutions offered by RasoParete and the furnishing advice we give you will allow you to recuperate the space under the roofline, transforming it into a comfortable, livable space.

Tailor made cabinetry.

Frequently, when it’s necessary to furnish a similar space, you have to recuperate every single available centimeter. This is where RasoParete flushwall systems come in-it’s the best solution for maximizing available height while maintaining careful attention to design.

high design wall enclosures permit you to organize your closet space as well as creating a special place for those things you want to put on display-all with a great detail for design.

Which style is right for you?

In situations like this, where there are articulated design situations, it is recommended to choose a sober and linear style, so as not to weigh down the environment and place a few key elements for a minimal stylistic choice.

In addition to flushwall enclosures and display nooks, why not consider adding a couch, a table or create a bedroom in the space under the roofline, even the shorter ones!

Attention to light

In attics, light plays an important part. Whether the room has traditional windows or smaller spaces, the secret lies in taking advantage of the natural light.

In the restructuring phase, it’s possibile to think of adding new openings, after having asked for expert advice, to add luminosity making the space more livable.

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