How to enclose and hide circuit boxes elegantly

Circuit boxes are the crux of every home

Let’s take a look now at how to hide those unsightly “plastic coverings” that stick out of the wall and yes, while they serve their purpose in allowing access for proper maintenance, offer very little to enhance the style of the house.

In other words, enclosures that aren’t good looking if not to say distasteful.

Why circuit boxes are necessary

The home is a place where we all search for a pleasing estetic, someplace where we feel comfortable more than just a place that serves our needs.

When buying a home, be it new construction or a restructuring of an existing structure, it’s perfectly normal to want everything tailored to your personal taste.

We begin with purchasing the main furnishings and complimentary objects that, together, make the home a magical place where one can relax in comforta after a (usually tiring) work day. Okay, everything is perfect with one exception. Every time you walk in the door, there’s that unsightly circuitbox, ready to come to blows with the rest of the house.

But, we’ve got good news for you! The old way of doing it, catering to function alone and not a thought for beauty, are a thing of the past. You can forget about those large screws in plain sight and to hide away the entire piece, you can rely on RasoParete hatchdoors, able to completely cover electric wiring, hydraulic implants as well as other architechtual elements.

A flushwall alternative to standard circuit boxes

As prefaced in the above paragraph, flushwall doors are the best solution for hiding circuitboxes.

Innovative and elegant elements adapt well to the space and linguistic style of the environment even when their function is purley one of design.

Custom made functionality that adapts well to every single need, RasoParete Systems allow the user to enclose circuit boxes and junction boxes of any dimention.

Firmitas (solidity) utilitas (utility) and venustas (beauty) are the historical architectual cannons described in De Architectura and, despite the fact that over two thousand years have passed since the Latin treatise of Vitruvius, the marriage of these three elements is more relevant today than ever.

If you’d like to add a bit of functional design to your home, begin with an enclosure for your circuit box.

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