How to enclose electrical panels? The solution is hiding behind the flush-wall.

When building with electric or hydraulic systems, one must also create corrisponding junction boxes for them.

Electric junction (circuit) boxes tend to be of standard measurements: 7x9cm rectangular or 7cm in diameter if round. Larger junction boxes for sewer drainage, by comparison, are 10cm in diameter and are 15cm deep and are fundamental in carrying all of the hydraulic tubing in the home.

As instrumental a function they serve, they serve us best behind closed doors. Here’s how to do that elegantly.

Enclosing junction (circuit) boxes: flush wall solutions

Junction and circuit board boxes must necessarily be accessable to the user for adding new outlets in a later moment. They cannot be enclosed behind a permanent fixed wall.

The typical solution for this problem in homes has been to cover the space with a white cover with screws running down its middle. It is a functional solution as it provides access to the circuits when necessary. Unfortunately it has a negative impact on the space estetically.

To overcome this challenge with design, use a flush-wall enclosure. Thin profiles and reduced sizes made to satisfy both design and functionality needs create linear environments with continuity, avoiding unsightfuljunction box or hydraulic system coverings. They are wonderfully easy to open. Simply press the lower portion of the panel with a suble rotating pin or alever on the upper portion to reveal the access panel.

Thought of to make your home more attractive, these particular enclosures canbe used to create small spaces to keep handy ideas you use on a daily basis.

What’s more, if the intention is to cover electric systems or junction boxes, both of which can have a negative visual impact on the space, we have specially designed jambs just for this purpose.

Original and custom made solutions according to available space and specific need: innovative and tailor made enclosures for junction boxes and more, consentrating on exhaulting the living space. You create the system, we’ll enclose it tastefully.

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