At home and in the office, choose light, choose crystal walls!

RasoParete Slim crystal disapearing systems is the solution for creating anchored glass and crystal walls. Crystal replaces standard “blind walls” lighting up every cornor of the room in your anvironment.

Advanatges of crystal walls in the workplace

A study conducted by CasaClima has established that the presence of crystal walls in the officeplace positively influences employee mood. 68% of offices in the United States are open space design utilizing crystal wall elements. The advantages are undeniable acording to management; improved communication and collaboration, reduced furniture and energy expenditures, maximizing natural light and views of the outdoors. What’s more, many employees state that access to natural light and view of the outdoors boosts moral and mood.

Crystal walls for your home 

Dividing walls made of crystal have the power to give the space a sense of openess and lightness which contribute to visably augmenting the fullness of the space. Crystal has always been an element synonomous with lightness and luminosity adds elegance and a modern touch to your spaces. It is also versitile and can be used with decoration or colors, can be left transparant or opaque-all withoutvisible frames. Crystal walls never go out of fashion.

Installation must be done by trusted sector professionals able to competently evaluate if the walls, ceiling and pavement are suitable for installation, or anchoring of supports. Diverse options are available from affixing the crystal to the wallsn or sliding door pannels.
Main reasons to install RasoVitra by RasoParete:

magnify the luminosity of the environment
bring in natural light to areas that would otherwise not receive it
Permit a continual visual between distinct spaces while simultaneously enclosing them.

To give you a small example of furnishing as a solution dividing walls made of crystal by RasoPatere are an excellent expediant for bringing in natural light from the livingroom to the entryway or down the hall-eliminating a sense of being closed in and offering a more open, ample view from these passageways. The possibility of closing a door serves to prevent odors from the kitchen travelling to other areas as well as sounds and voices reaching the sleeping quarters.

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