Floor to ceiling doors: where function and elegance merge for modern internal spaces

One of the latest tendencies in interior design is the use of floor to ceiling doors, also known as “all height doors”. It’s the ideal way to furnish modern residential spaces in minimalist style. Raso soffitto doors, infact run floor to ceiling, occupying the entire length of the wall becoming one with its surroundings, interrupting the monotony of internal walls.

Among the many advantages this solution offers, is its elasticity in designing the space of the person who lives there and his specific needs. More than just good-looking, these doors offer functionality and flexability that distinguish it from every other furnishing.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the qualitites of the full length door and its advantages.

Technical characteristics of full length doors

Full length doors are anchored into the wall, be it dry wall of cement by way of alluminum frame specifically designed to support the weight of the door. The frame is designed to last and insert the door into its surrounding harmoniously. Alluminum is versitle and takes well to varnish and other finishing treatments.

Speaking of height, full length doord can reach maximum heights of 270CM and surpass standard anticipated heights for domestic doors upto 3 meters. This ensures a sense of continuity between the rooms.

Full length doors can be personalized based on the needs and context of its surroundings. Practical and elegant, this type of enclosure is very useful in maintaining a sense of order without compromising the look of the walls. The net effect is an invisible look without losing any of its functionality.

Advantages of full length doors

Full length doors are a modern, minimalistic solution for subdividing both ample and reduced spaces making the internal spaces more functional. Full length doors, infact, if positioned in the middle of a livingroom space can serve as a dividing wall. When needed, opening the door allows you to use all of the space you desire.

We’d like to remind you the full length doors integrate perfectly with the architectual context of the space. Infact, it’s possibile to choose among tens of different finishings, materials and colors to perfectly integrate within a living or office space.

Let’s not forget about the estetic advantages of full length doors: mindful of gothic architecture principals based on a play on lines and colums all upwards reaching, full length doors give the appearance of lengthening the walls thereby creating an f. It’s a nice way to live!

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