Stratified alluminum sheds for external spaces

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.How much time do we spend choosing the right furnishings for our home? We’re careful in color selection, attentive to design and functionality and we seek harmony throughout the house.

Can we say the same thing about the furniture we choose outdoors? Unfortunately, external alluminum sheds on the market today are frequently unpleasing ethestically. We are forced to deal with economical options that don’t hold up over time and need regular replacing due to their inabity to withstand the elements.

A shed’s purpose

The main objective of a shed is its functionality. Choosing to organize your outdoor space the best way possibile is fundamental for creating a clean, practical and esthetically pleasing area.

Thos who have the possibility of external space such as garden space or a terrace knows that in order to maintain such space, a series of furnings will be necessary to hold the tools and accessories to organize and furnish that space.

The first step, is therefore pinpointing one’s goal and subdividing the space by necessity and available space to minimize the risk of overcrowding the space with unnecessary shed and storage space. The choice of the internal structure can also be relevant in understanding which closet/shed/storage space might work best for that specific location and need

The last but not least step is choosing the style your external furnishings will have. Infact, in order to homogonize with the home, the internal style of the house must be considered when planning for its external counterpart.

Typology for external enclosures: materials

We can find different materials used to makeup external enclosures in the current market. All of the materials have their unique characteristics. Let’s take a look at some of them together now.

Sheds in PVC: PVC is a highly versatile plastic. Doors made of this material are limited in size due to their weight. They hold up well to temperature variations but do fade and swell in the sun. They come in standard sizing, negatively impacting their functionality and esthetic value.

Sheds in RESIN: Resin is more economical than PVC because of its raw finish. It is highly resistant, is made using molds and is normally employed in small such as washbasins, shelves to hold detergent and for basic usage. Under direct sunlight, similar to PVC, it tents to fade and create micro cracks similar to spiderwebs that are visible on the surface.

Sheds in WOOD: Not all woods are suitable for the creation of outdoor furnishings. Those used most frequently is okumè marine plywood. It’s water resistent, easy to use and takes well to varnishing. This material prefers covered areas that are not exposed to downpours and must be treated with specific finishing for outdoor usage. Its advantages over PVC and resin are numerous: it can be customized to smaller and larger dimensions, be used in combination with different types of openings for best functionality. To guarantee its result we are forced to commit to periodic maintenence revarnishing it once every three years.

Sheds in SHEET METAL: The material used to create these doors is steel and has been varnished with a powder. Sheet metal is thin yet resistant and takes well to riviting and shaping. It’s less flexibile than wood, needs little maintenance but does require attention at the first signs of rust, which can appear with time and can cause irrepriable damage to the structure if left untreated.

RasoParete’s solution with patented stratified alluminum doors

In response to the needs of both efficiency and beauty, RasoParete has pattented doors and supporting structures in stratified alluminum to be used for custom made shapes for external use eith in covered areas or exposed to downpours, permitting its user to recuperate all space at his disposition.

RasoParete offers a variety of opening systems including hinged, flap, vasistas, sliding or folding doors…the combinations of heights and widths are limitless.

The advantage of having alluminum enclosures outdoors is the ability to recuperate living space in your domicile. The creation of these external compartments will be safe and functional. They may enclose hydraulic or electrical systems, garden equiptment, bicycles or even domestic appliances like a washing machine, drier or water heater without modifying their integrity.

Stratified alluminium panels are in fact pattented to resis a range of temperatures from -30 to +60 celcius. They can be treated like wood but without the same maintenece. slotted or milled, they are equipped with cylinders with key, or retractable handles. What’s more they can be installed in brickwork or dry wall, including those made with insulating material. Doors like structures made from stratified aluminum can be covered with plasters, enamels, wallpapers and tiles and are built to last over time.

Flush wall enclosures for external spaces, how to best utilize them.

Thanks to RasoParete’s opening systems even external alluminium closets can have an impeccable esthetic thanks to the coplanarity of its components. Closet doors disapear into the surrounding walls become extentions of the living space or separate entities.

They can be customized as one’s disgression. Infact, each panel is installed to be flush with the wall and can be painted to match the surrounding walls thereby attaining a disapearing effect that harmoniously integrates with its environment.

You are no longer forces to buy standard meaure enclosures that are either too small or too big for you requirements. RasoParete allows you to choose the color of your tailor made cabinets so you don’t have to give up on style and design on the external parts of your home.

What’s behind these doors? You might find a washing machine, which at the right moment will disapear leaving no clue as to its presence. There might be a shoe rack, a tool shelving work station, shelving units, hydraulic or electrical system enclosures or simply storage space for infrequently used items.

It’s also possibile to hide away large machinery that necessitate maintenance for proper functioning and may require personalization like the one shown here to allow for proper ventilation.

Contact our technical department now to plan your custom made external spaces.

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