How to best use our Live Out system to enclose external spaces

Minimalist design is the perfect balance between design and a sage use of materials. The major differencein modern style living is the fact that this tendency leads to extreme purity of light, creating dense empty spaces in the atmosphere, almost as if we were in a museum.

The flush wall external doors offered in our Live Out system have been planned to help you store wash basins, closets, shoes and many other things needing to be contained out of site. What’s more, enclosing implants like water heaters and air conditioning systems will provide elegant results and help us to avoid an “open closet” on our terrace or porch.

Live Out flush fitting doors are pattented in startified aluminium and are ideal for standing up to differing weather conditions. The doors merge with and blend into walls. You decide weather they are to disapear or become the protagonist in the space. Can be made with glass inserts to take advantage of natural light flowing between one room and another. 

Flush walls work as an optical eraser, eliminating visual interruptions, rendering a continuity and harmony and free of distraction. An ideal solution for a modern and minamalist home.

The minimalist lifestyle is not often associated with comfort, but that’s a popular misconception. The first impression is a strong one, visually as the furnishings don’t appear comfortable. The design of every furnishing is centered around its function, its lines and its form. It’s a high quality furnishing that puts comfort second to none.

How to furnish a terrace in minimalist style?

If you’ve got plans for your terrace without the use of excessive funtiture reducing space and visibility, you might want to opt for minimal style. It involves the strategic use of a few key pieces that add to the decorative effect without excess.

A centalized gazebo, possibly made of wood and with white curtains, is the ideal setting for warm weather cocktails. Flowering blooms climbing the sides creates pops of color. Opt for rectangular containers in wood or cement that can be placed like bricks next to one another creating a natural boarder surrounding the structure.

Why not consider adding some pallets into the mix? They can be creatively employed to make seating arrangements and tables. Pallets are also a great way to fence in a terrace, embillished with colorful plants profiting from the natural lines that make up these structures.

Outdoor enclosures from the LiveOut system allow its user to create necessary nitches of space for inclement weather where rain could cause dammage or during the winter season.

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