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We carefully study the aesthetic and functional requirements, in order to offer designers a result that matches their creativity

There are many spaces to use and close, spaces that can contain services or systems. Such as walk-in wardrobes, storage rooms, basements, attics, boiler rooms, niches, pantries, laundries, multifunctional compartments.

This is an absolute necessity for those who live the spaces, exploiting them and making them functional. We guarantee flexibility in shapes, types and sizes, and our mission is to fully understand the customers’ needs in order to create suitable solutions for results that are in line with his expectations.

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RasoParete doors

To achieve these results, we have designed different types of doors that can be covered with wallpaper, mirrors, porcelain stoneware and marble, assembled on profiles with different depths for drywalls or masonry to overcome all the problems of the site

The doors can be with hinged openings, transom, tilting, two, three and four folding doors of your choice.

Even though expertise and professionalism are important, the passion we put into satisfying the customer is the spark that guides us in carrying out our work.

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