Wall closures with thin doors

Certified systems

This patented system allows for making the plaster lush with reduced thickness doors made of stratified aluminium a material that does not fear humidity and temperature changes, certified to withstand from -30° to +60°.

The reduced thickness door in stratified aluminium is treated with special substrates to allow the anchoring of stuccoes, recesses and wall finishes, guaranteeing flatness with the wall and offering a perfect flush-with-the-wall result!

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Easy accessibility

The reduced thickness door is used to cover collectors, electrical junction boxes, shutter box covers and small compartments, with doors that can be louvred for an air passage that allows the insertion of machines such as thermo-convectors.

The doors are not hinged to the jamb, instead they are joined by a magnetic system which allows quick access to the system with just a slight pressure on the lower part of the door.

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