Wall closure with container

Container spaces

In every room of the house, whatever the intended use of a room (commercial, residential or office), there may be a need to create spaces that contain all types of accessory, space-saving furniture that can store everything we need to keep at hand.

The Box system is completely made to measure in height, width, and depth with hinged, flap, vasistas, folding sliding doors with two, three or four doors also combining storage units complete with drawer.

The fact of being concealed and integrated into the wall, any small or large compartment can be considered an integral part of the house, giving that added value that everyone looks for in their apartments.

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Winning aesthetics

The box system consisting of a back, sides, top and internal shelves is a piece of furniture that can also be fitted with a coat rack.

The same system can be combined with an infinite number of openings according to the personal needs of each of us.

We propose customised solutions for all your needs: wall closures with a container will allow you to have spaces dedicated to a multiplicity of storage functions, while maintaining the priority of winning, linear and minimalist aesthetics.

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