Raso Parete at Made Expo 2019: innovation in building

RasoParete knows that every space is different:in fact we specialize in customized solutions for spaces that require containers or enclosures for electrical systems or daily use objects meant to be kept out of site. Our products are defined in minimalistic style, crisp and clean lines. A perfect marriage of function and design to conserve the visual continuity.

RasoParete proposes a series of custome made flush wall encosures that camouflage into their surroundings. The scope of these solutions is to unite efficiency and elegance in any space to conserve the linearity of the lines.

Other than wall enclosures, RasoParete also offers disapearing doors able to divide an environment according to your needs but with the same guaranteed result that integrates seamlessly in a room. If, instead the situation calls for more light try our Rasovitra line-where crystal replaces “blind walls”. These crystal walls are compltely surrounded by the wall, be it brickwork or drywall. They are anchored by an alluminium frame in order to offer our clientel timeless crystal doors. Our disapearing slim system on the other hand, thanks to its ease and speed of installation is the best solution to create fixed glass and crystal walls transforming every environment in a little elegent gem.

Regardless of the system you choose, one thing remains constant: top quality materials and highly precise machinery assure you of an impeccable result every time. If that weren’t enough, however, our products come mounted and tested before delivery: RasoParete’s objective is to make the very best use of your time. We do this by premounting the hardware here at our factory. Once the product arrives at its destination, all that’s left to do is install it with the last of the hardware bits.

What’s more, our systems integrate well in the Italian building panorama, ever more inclined towards innovation, as demonstrated by the success of MADE Expo. The fair, held in Milan is held from March13th through the 16th and is considered one of the main European exhibitions regarding the world of building and construction. It is held every two years in Milan, Rho and is a platform that facilitates communication beween supply and demand and helps companies introduce themselves to the market and other resellers as well as employees in the sector.

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