Wall closures
with hinged doors

Functionality of space

The functionality of space is undoubtedly one of the primary objectives we pursue. But RasoParete is something more. Thanks to our extreme care and attention to detail and customer needs, we are able to combine practicality with elegance to achieve aesthetically beautiful and functionally efficient results. The wall closures with hinged doors make it possible to organise the spaces of a room, regardless of the function for which it is intended.

RasoParete closures not only allow you to close a system but also keep it easily accessible for any maintenance work, ensuring performance and durability over time.

Not only do we limit ourselves to producing simple doors in light MDF, but with stratified aluminium , suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments, we can customise them with slots or shutters by combining types of opening such as hinged, vasistas, tilting, folding two, three and four-leaf sliding doors, depending on the needs of the machinery.

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Satisfying needs

Each type of door can be covered with wallpaper, mirrors, porcelain stoneware and marble, assembled on profiles with different depths for drywall or masonry, in order to overcome all the problems of the building site.

Our goal is to satisfy all requirements, always trying to create elegant, orderly and stylistically coherent environments.

A passion, ours, that grows, evolves and inspires us to pursue continuous improvement and innovation: these elements allow us to propose superior quality solutions that meet our customers’ expectations.

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