Tailor-made doors
flush with the wall

Retractable doors

Divide the rooms in a minimalist and elegant way, positioning at will retractable doors that integrate into the design and architectural context with characteristics and solutions that make them unique. 

The door flush with the wall is inserted and anchored to the structure by means of an aluminium jamb with the same depth as the finished wall, both for masonry and plasterboard. 

The patented design of the jamb has been studied to meet all the requirements necessary for obtaining a final result that is state-of-the-art, long-lasting, perfectly coplanar and elegant.

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Facilitated assembly

A great deal of attention has also been paid to the hardware and accessories, always cutting edge, which allow openings without handles or retractable handles. In addition, the internal structure of the door panel has aluminium reinforcements to maintain flatness.

The assembly of the jamb with the door panel is carried out in the factory together with a series of expedients to facilitate the installation phases.

A series of pre-painting treatments have also been developed for the final finish, both for the door panels and the aluminium jambs.

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