Slim systems for glass walls

Original projects

Simplicity, originality, convenience. The concealed system for Slim glass fully fulfils the task of creating glass and fixed glass walls with simplicity, flexibility and convenience. 

The ease and speed of installation of the profile and the glass, the price-result rate, the originality that the flexibility of the system gives to the project, make even a simple fixed septum become an elegant sign that distinguishes the environment created.

In addition, you will have the freedom to draw shaped partitions on a wall even at the corners with different polygon shapes

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Easy installation

With this system it is also possible to install a single glass plate (subject to glassware feasibility and weight control) because it has a perfectly camouflaged snap-in glass stop on the inside, which allows the plate to be inserted into the structure and dismantled if necessary, quickly and easily.

As with all our solutions, this system can also be installed indifferently both on masonry and dry walls.

The profiles are always pre-painted with special bottoms to allow them to be painted like the rest of the wall, camouflaging them into the structure.

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