RasoVitra systems
for glass walls

Glass becomes the protagonist

Thanks to Rasovitra systems, glass becomes the protagonist of every situation, taking the place of the usual blind walls, and giving light the chance to play with spaces. 

Rasovitra enhances and distinguishes the glass, which is totally incorporated into the wall by means of aluminium profiles completely recessed into plasterboard or masonry walls and equipped with specially designed accessories and hardware, to obtain glass doors with a minimalist style and design that are not subject to changes in time and fashion.

With this system it is possible to create glass walls with fixed partitions, with opening doors or in wall combinations with fixed partitions and opening, sliding or sliding doors.

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Concealed profiles

The opening doors are bidirectional and have self-closing hinges that return by themselves when closing thanks to a specially designed cam.

The totally concealed profile allows the glass plates to be removed at any time in the event of breakage or replacement without compromising the structure of the system.

The walls can be made leaving only the glass in sight with our profiles recessed both on the ceiling and on the ground. They can be joined together to form three sections or joints without having to be interrupted by blind walls.

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