Light profiles and
luminous profiles

Flush skirting boards

RasoParete has designed a flush skirting board system consisting of two aluminium profiles, a base to be anchored to the wall where it is possible to insert LED-type lighting fixtures, and a casing (cover) that allows perforated decorations for creating light effects. The casing has been designed for quick and easy application and can be removed at any time for maintenance or replacement without damaging the rest of the system.

The system has the possibility to be applied directly even without our casing, enabling installation in its place of a skirting board that always remains flush, but using other materials such as marble, wood or alternative materials used on the floor. The flush skirting board not only protects the vertical wall from shocks or abrasions during cleaning, but also prevents dust from depositing in the hollow that is commonly found in traditional skirting boards.

It also allows the doors to open fully and the furniture in the apartment can be placed against the wall.

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Multifunctional Bf profiles

The Bf profile, on the other hand, was created to finish the head of the plasterboard slabs.

It can be used for recessing wood panelling, mirrors flush with the wall, lighting fixtures, for creating shutters between the wall and ceiling and a system that allows different heights for the application of skirting boards of any material such as wood, parquet, porcelain stoneware, marble, etc.. 

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