Covered wall clousers

Taking advantage of the space inside coated space

We have carefully studied a new system that allows us to satisfy both aesthetic and space needs, leaving free choice to the creativity of those who design. The new ON 107 hinged door system is able to sustain a total weight (door+covering) from 35 kg to a maximum of 50 kg. In this specific case we have not only solved the problem of weight, but also that of the arrow, to also guarantee doors up to 1200 mm in width. There are many spaces to use and to close, which are often made on walls which must also be covered with heavy materials, to follow the project. For those who live in these spaces it is necessary to have functional systems to use, that also guarantee the same high performance over time.

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RasoParete doors

In order to achieve an optimal result, we have designed different types of doors that can be covered with wallpaper of thicknesses up to 10 mm (maximum 12 mm by lowering the door) or with mirrors, porcelain stoneware and marble, assembled on profiles with a depth of 107 mm both for dry walls or masonry depending on the needs on the construction site.

The doors can be hinged with one or two doors, depending on the size, and they can be, in MDF light or in laminated aluminum, according to the weight of the material that will be applied by the customer.

Our great passion for beauty and functionality has led us to create something completely new.

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