Coated Doors

Doors Coated with Heavy Materials

COVER D is the system for flush-to-the-wall doors designed to be covered (on the flush side). This system has no problems supporting heavy materials and smoothing / glues even mixed with water because the panel is made of aluminum, in fact it can also be mounted on the outside (it is not a security door and the lock can be yale or patent).

There are many closets, utility rooms and outdoor spaces that require doors, even with the possibility of being coated or finished in the same way as the wall. We can reach important dimensions and standard hinges can carry up to 80 kg for the push door and up to 100 kg for the pull door, but we can replace them with hinges supporting up to 200 kg for the push door and hinges supporting up to 300 kg for the pull door.

The program includes two types of door:
COVER D RIV with covering for the entire height of the door, both in the push and pull version.
COVER D RIV B, with a very elegant and very complex solution that features a boiserie covering (the height can be chosen by the customer), which remains flush with the top in both the push and pull versions.

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Workings for RasoParete doors and jambs

In the part where the covering is housed, there is a recess in the door (tray effect). We also work on the jamb so that, applying the covering with its thickness on it, everything is coplanar.

It is an innovative system that meets the new needs of design and functionality, allowing the covering of the doors even with those materials that until now were discarded due to their too important weight.

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