Ceiling closures with hatch

The space hanging above us

Pipe raceways, cables and systems, stations, crossroads, machines and devices to be inspected, repaired, modified: everything will be simpler and more functional with the help of our custom-made hatches.

Often, it is precisely in the ceilings that systems are installed, or spaces are created to store and stow away all kinds of things.

Our concealed hatches, made for every specific need, with doors in light MDF light or stratified aluminium, with frames of different depths, have no limits in length thanks to our Combi system that allows the installation of several openings in line.

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Easy assembly

This system, which is easy to apply, allows access to air conditioning machines, transformers, retractable ladders, etc., without sacrificing elegance. Functional solutions to make the rooms neat and tidy.

RasoParete offers ceiling closures, both for indoor and outdoor environments, with the possibility of inserting insulating materials or making special work on a project such as slots or shutters for air passage or for inserting lighting fixtures.

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