Ceiling closures for curtains
and projectors

Installations for every environment

Aesthetics and functionality with our tailor-made roller blinds installations, for minimalist and well-kept environments in offices, hotels or private homes.

RasoParete allows you to insert motorised roller blinds of any brand, in concealed ceilings to make the best use of space, with solutions that allow a multi-functionality of their use.

In fact, inside this roller container that comes in three different heights (depending on the diameter of the roller blind) it is possible to house either single or double awnings (in the case of a combination of filtering and blackout awnings) or projector awnings. 

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Flush with the ceiling

The length of the awning is not a problem because the system is completely tailor-made according to the project guidelines.

The container is made of a rigid tubular aluminium that allows the anchoring to the plasterboard structure with a solid and planar application for a unique result flush with the ceiling.

Solutions for making optimal use of space, without sacrificing design and elegance. The minimalism, which distinguishes our installations, gives the rooms a precise style and contributes to make them more orderly and functional. 

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